Careers Advice

Top 10 CV Tips

  1. Keep it concise - Employers, on average, spend 8 seconds looking at any one CV, so keep it to-the-point and leave the little details for the interview.
  2. Tailor it to the role - Don't use identical content for multiple job roles. Mention qualities you have and adapt areas that are relevant to the role.
  3. Use positive language and a confident tone throughout.
  4. Always thoroughly check your CV for spelling and grammar mistakes. Employers usually have a lot of CVs to look through and are always looking for a reason to put your CV on the "no" pile.
  5. Prioritise the content and place the most relevant information first in order to capture immediate attention.
  6. Tell the truth - Employers are likely to check your facts and references, but there is no harm in highlighting your good points and playing down your bad points.
  7. Include a short but strong personal statement that highlights your abilities and is relevant to the job.
  8. Keep it current - Even when you are not looking for a job, you should always keep your CV up-to-date. Keep a record every time you achieve something significant.
  9. Use the interests section to show off skills that you have gained and the employer is looking for.
  10. The design and layout needs to be simple and clean, to make it easy to read.

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